Thursday, 9 June 2011

General Update June 2011

Wow, it is hard to believe that it's been a year since I last blogged. Really not good is it? Suppose I should really give an update on where things are at.

Thankfully, I am still in work - well I say thankfully, do not ask me at 6:40 in the morning when I am dragging my body to the station for the morning commute! The job is okay, but it is really the people that make it worth while.

The commute is getting to me though. Two hours each way door to door. So, the only solution is to relocate a little closer. I am therefore, finally, starting to look for a pad in Manchesterford. I will still have an hour commute but I think that will be more managable than the present one. My search officially starts on Saturday when I have a few viewings. More likely than not, I will be making the decision on the day.

Not much happening at the moment on the writing front (Damn you, Angry Birds!!!). I did have a DW short story signed off recently and that is just waiting e-publication. Some people will love it. Fandom will hate it! My work is done. I will give a shout out when more details about publication is known.

I will also have two - yes you read that right - articles published in Paul Castle's latest book Shooty Dog Thing: 2th and Claw. Really looking forward to the release of the book and will let you all know when it is available for order.

I promise to try and get back into the habit of updating this blog on a more frequent basis.

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